Explore Oconomowoc on a bicycle, motorcycle or just your own two feet. Oconomowoc sits in the Heart of Lake Country surrounded by many avenues that allow you to get out and explore.

plore Outdoors
Check out the Oconomowoc Bike Map for trails that explore the community and all spokes lead to downtown. There are also local places to rent a bike. Check out Moboevo in Oconomowoc and the Bicycle Doctor in Dousman.

Explore retail and great food

Explore Oconomowoc’s many shops and eateries. You can find a mix of shopping and food within downtown Oconomowoc. There are also retail and food offerings in Pabst Farms and Whitman Park commerce centers.

Explore with your eyes

Head inside to explore the history of Oconomowoc at the Oconomowoc Historical Society and Museum. You can also view beautiful works of art at Oakbrook Esser Studios stained glass gallery in downtown Oconomowoc. You can also view works of art at Thunder Mountain Press gallery and The Gallori downtown.
For younger audiences, check out the Children’s Play Gallery.

Explore Events

We hope you continue to explore VisitOconomowoc.com for things to do in the Oconomowoc area. Also don’t forget to check the calendar for upcoming events.

Biking and Trails
Scenic and Rustic Roads
Harley Davidson
Skate Park