This historic Lake Country city in Waukesha County has a rich history and a bustling bright future. From gift shops and art galleries to museums and historical tours, there is much to see and do as you wander through the vibrant downtown area of Oconomowoc.

Oconomowoc's History

Wander back in time with a history lesson about the Oconomowoc area referred to as the 'Newport of the Midwest." You can find more about Oconomowoc's history at the Oconomowoc Museum and Historical Society

Exploring Oconomowoc's history is not only found inside the walls of the museum. Wander along the historic streets where settlers built their homes in the 1800s that still stand today. Explore them on the museum's Historic Walking Tour as you wander along the residential neighborhoods in the heart of the city. You can also find rich history on self-guided tours of Oconomowoc's La Belle Cemetery.

Historic Downtown Shopping District

Wander along the retail avenues of historic downtown Oconomowoc where historic store facades and brick walls are still maintained housing new merchants. These retailers, just like their predecessors who first set up shop in these historic buildings, create a quaint, boutique shopping experience that is a draw to the area.

Oconomowoc Museum & Historical Society
Oconomowoc Historic Walking Tour
Oconomowoc Public Art Tour